Why does the Outdoor Youth Exploration Academy exist?

The OUTDOOR YOUTH EXPLORATION ACADEMY (OYEA) exists to teach non-traditional outdoor recreational skills to urban youth while learning environmental stewardship.

OYEA members receive instruction in Archery, Fishing, Air Rifle Target Shooting, Land and Water Conservation and Hunting Safety.  OYEA members also participate in community cleanups as an ongoing effort to protect our Urban Waterways and educate our urban youth.the_outdoor_youth_academy


By participating in our sporting activities, OYEA members can learn skills that could lead to college scholarships or even Olympic events.

Additionally, OYEA members are exposed to non-traditional career opportunities in the field of Agriculture, Agriscience and Forestry.

The OYEA serves as a bridge between the urban community and non-traditional outdoor sporting activities.

About Us

GroupPhotoThe OUTDOOR YOUTH EXPLORATION ACADEMY was founded by The Dirty Dozen Hunting and Fishing Club. The Dirty Dozen Hunting and Fishing Club has created, organized and operated youth programs in central Indiana since 1988.

The Dirty Dozen Hunting and Fishing Club has worked with numerous organizations in the inner city of Indianapolis such as: The Boys II Men, Forest Manor Multi-Service Center, Broadway United Methodist Church and Oasis of Hope Baptist Church to name a few.


the_outdoor_youth_academy2Our overall goal is to facilitate a safe and responsible hunting, fishing and conservation learning experience for youth while instilling a sense of value, appreciation, and stewardship for the outdoors and general environment.

Our mission is to mentor youth in the development of life and leadership skills and environmental awareness through outdoor sporting experiences.


  • Archery – Basic and Intermediate Instruction
  • Fishing – Basic and Intermediate Instruction
  • Target Shooting – Basic and Intermediate Instruction
  • Hunters Education – Prerequisite for Indiana residents hunting license
  • Agroscience Education – Dow Agroscience Day
  • Conservation – Giving back to the community