About Us

cleanup1_250Back in 1980, a group of twelve African-American men from Indianapolis, who were outdoor enthusiasts, established the Dirty Dozen Hunting & Fishing Club.

They had traveled extensively throughout the United States and Canada to hunt, fish, and enjoy the great outdoors.  Through their experiences as outdoorsmen, the club members wanted to share their skills and knowledge with young people. Deer They realized, even then, that few inner city youth were being taught how to hunt and fish.

After a great deal of reflection, they envisioned creating opportunity where urban youth from central Indiana could experiences the adventures of outdoor living while learning life skills from positive adults.

In order to fulfill their vision, the members of the Dirty Dozen Hunting & Fishing Club established a foundation to fund local programing for youth that today includes land conservation issues, fishing and hunting safety, while providing instruction in basic hunting and fishing skills.


To further  the vision, the Club purchased a facility on the near north side of Indianapolis.  This facility serves as the headquarters for the Dirty Dozen Hunting & Fishing Club and its Foundation.

For more information, call us at (317) 541-0271